Native Languages and Culture

"Once a language has disappeared, it's not only the words that are gone—but also the culture, and a people."

  • —Laura Paskus, Tribal College Journal, Summer 2013

Preserving and revitalizing tribal languages is an important part of how TCUs safeguard the health and vitality of American Indian cultures. Aaniiih Nakoda College and Oglala Lakota College have developed primary school immersion programs, while Iḷisaġvik College has launched a preschool language immersion nest—children are the key to language survival and revitalization.

Senate Indian Affairs Committee

STATEMENTS: Native Language Discussion, June 18, 2014

Native Language Preservation

A Reference Guide for Establishing Archives and Repositories was developed in support of the Native American Languages Act of 1992 to assure the survival and continuing vitality of Native languages.

Native American Language Immersion

The Innovative Native Education for Children & Families report by Dr. Janine Pease-Pretty on Top presented Native American language-immersion practices and examples for teachers of those languages.