Legislative Priorities—113th Congress Legislative Priorities

For the nation's Tribal Colleges and Universities

Key Priorities and Requests:

  1. TCU Priorities for 113th Congress
  2. FY2015 Appropriations Requests


  1. Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA))
  2. Higher Education Act (HEA
    AIHEC letter to Chairman Harkin
  3. Native Adult Education and Literacy Act

Other Relevant Legislation:

  1. S. 1998 Native Adult Education and Literacy Act


  1. House Appropriations, Interior Subcommittee, Oversight Hearing on the BIE

Senate Indian Affairs Committee:

August 21, 2014: Indian Education

  1. AIHEC/TCU Legislative Recommendations

June 11, 2014: Indian Higher Education

  1. Billie Jo Kipp, PhD, President, Blackfeet Community College
  2. Maggie George, PhD, President, Diné College (submitted)

June 18, 2014: Native Language Discussion

  1. Thomas Shortbull, President, Oglala Lakota College
  2. Clarena Brockie, Member, Montana House of Representatives; Dean of Students, Aaniiih Nakoda College