Forms are an integral part of sponsored programs. Some forms are used during and prior to a grant application, while others are used during the execution of a sponsored program to report back to the funding agency.

There are several formats being used, primarily by government sites. Some of these document types require specialized readers, (e.g., Accessible FormNet, Formflow) and store only a data file on your local hard drive. It is good practice to save both paper and digital copies of all forms you complete.

Following are some suggested forms that can be used internally by TCUs):

  1. Grant Proposal Routing Form—obtain institutional approval for a grant/contract application prior to its submission. Before significant investments in time are made in developing a proposal, the concept, budget and personnel implications, should be discussed with the author's supervisor and other personnel who may have useful perspectives on the feasibility and implications of the proposed project.
  2. Prior Approval Form—seek approval internally for specified types of changes to grants and/or grant budgets.
  3. Requisition Form—submit a purchase requisition.
  4. Retroactive Cost Transfer—certify reassigning an expense from one budget to another retroactively.
  5. Monthly Report Form—submit a report monthly; required of every sponsored program director.

Grant Application Forms

  1. SF 424
    Application for Federal Assistance: Usually the application's cover.
  2. SF 424A
    Budget Information—Non-Construction Programs: Budget summary page.
  3. SF 424B
    Assurances—Non-Construction Programs: Assures the agency that the grantee complies with a variety of federal policies, acts and statutes.
  4. HUD 2992

Grant Management/Implementation Forms

  1. SF 269A
    Financial Status Report, short form: Generally completed by college business office.
  2. SF 269
    Financial Status Report, long form: Generally completed by college business office
  3. SF 270
    Request for Advance or Reimbursement: Generally completed by college business office.
  4. SF 272
    Federal Cash Transactions Report: Generally completed by college business office.

Below are links to sites that have downloadable versions of forms or are reference sites listing other sites containing forms.

  1. GSA Forms Library
    Government operated Web site. Select the Forms by Agency link
  2. Department of Education Grant Application and Other Forms
  3. Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)
    The Tribal/Interior Budget Council (TIBC) provides a forum and process for tribes and Federal officials to work together in developing annual budget requests for Indian programs in the Department of the Interior.