AIHEC and Tribal College Journal


The central office of AIHEC is located in Alexandria, VA; the AIHEC Tribal College Journal office is located in Mancos, CO.

Carrie L. Billy President & CEO
Meg Goetz Vice President for Advocacy
Tina Cooper Vice President of Finance & Administration
Demeke Bekele Staff Accountant Temp
Holly Barton Tribal Climate Science Liaison
Jennifer Duever VISTA Leader
Maggie Grandon Executive Assistant to the President
Gilbert Gonzales Consultant, AIHEC Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
Kay Heatley Creative Director and Web Developer
Deborah His Horse is Thunder NARCH Research Director
Al Kuslikis Sr. Associate for Strategic Initiatives
Rachael Marchbanks TCJ Publisher
Gary McCone Library & Information Services
Darryl Monteau Aseto’ne Network Project Coordinator
Katherine Page Research & Policy Associate
John Phillips AIHEC Tribal VISTA Programs Director
Kristen Pratt Grants Administrative Associate
Stacia Prue Office Assistant and Student Services Associate
Bradley Shreve TCJ Managing Editor
Dale Smith Network Engineering Project Consultant, AIHEC Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
Marvene Tom TCJ Office Manager